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The company J-Coils sh.pk, was created to offer its experience in the field of cutting, sheet metal processing, iron and steel. With many years of experience created in the market, the company introduces its services in the design and implementation of heavy and light metal structures through a specialized staff. J-Coils offers complete technical and service solutions in the field of sheet metal cutting and processing, process control and service for various industries.

In terms of market demand J-Coils has created considerable space and is one of the most prestigious companies in Albania of its kind. J-Coils currently cooperates with machines of European standards and with a high level of professional staff, making it more reliable and more attractive in the market. The company J-COILS shpk registered with the NRC, with NIPT: L51608037P and operates the activity “Mechanical Processing of Sheet Metal” located at the Airport Road, Qaf Kashar-Rinas, Km 3, Bërxullë Village, Bërxulle Administrative Unit, Municipality of Vora Tirana district.

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Objective & Services

The main objective of J-COILS is service with quality, precision and guarantee to its customers and the realization of projects with rigor according to customer requirements. The company J-COILS shpk offers its services as follows:

1. Sheet metal cutting line: It is a line which is used for cutting sheet metal with different widths since different profiles will be produced. The raw material (sheet metal) which is a recyclable element is not a product of our subject.

2. Profiling line: It is a line which produces profiles of different widths, thicknesses and shapes.

3. Welders: They serve to join two separate elements.

4. Band saw: It is used for cutting metal elements according to the length required by the customer since the profiles are made with standard lengths. “Mechanical Processing of Sheet Metal”.

5. Disc saw: It is used for cutting panels which are not produced by the subject “J-Coils”.

6. Drill: Used to drill holes in various elements with a diameter D.

7. Puntatricet: Used to join two sheets of heat.

8. Laser cutting to a thickness of 15mm of all types of materials. Inox Aluminum galvanized sheet metal and steel sheet

9. Plasma cutting to a thickness of 50mm with good quality and precision

10. Calendering: The calendering is 3000 millimeters long and in this length the calendering machine is up to 15 mm wide. For a shorter length, the calibration is done up to a thickness of 25 mm. Calender for calendering of all types of pipes and iron profiles.

12. Retractable sheet metal (Pigatrice): It is a machine that serves to return the sheet metal for all types of screens.

13. Electrostatic coating: Electrostatic coating is a powder paint which has a long life and does not scratch. The dimensions of the oven are 6300 x 2000 x 2200

14. Painting with oil paints for the villa is done and a room that serves to prevent dust from entering.

13. Milling

Production Departments

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